Welcome to the American Association for the Development of Bangou website. AADB is an organization for Bangou-Americans and its sympathizers, as well as Bangou's still in Cameroon to share the culture and tradition of Bangou and help in its economic development. Our mission is to make Bangou the best village in Cameroon! Donations go 100 percent into development projects for Bangou. It was founded in 2007 by Peace Corps Volunteer Angel Velarde while posted as a Small Enterprise Development Volunteer in Bangou...read more

UPDATE 12/23/2011:TCHI TCHI, a neighborhood in Bangou will celebrate Christmas and the New Year with clean water! The water well project which many of you donated to, has been completed and the people of Bangou have clean water for Christmas... read more

NEWS: We are currently seeking donations for a new water well, this time in Batcha, as well as donations for our annual scholarship to the 20 best students in the Bangou-ville lycee.


Thanks so much for those who have already donated! Remember, 100 percent of donations go directly to cultural and development projects. No overhead! You're giving straight to the people and community of Bangou. If you're able, please donate by clicking the button below.